Cell phone umbrella, mini cute and unique design!

This is a great and fun phone umbrella, very popular on TikTok! Very cute, durable, and stable, it can protect your love phone from the sun and rain, and it is also a great gift. Just buy it for your loved ones!


Cute and unique design! Attractive, shade, and rain protection for your phone.


Made of environmentally friendly silicone and plastic, it is durable and has a strong suction cup stand that sticks to the back of your phone to prevent slipping.

Reap the gift of praise

This cute mobile phone umbrella is suitable for gifting to children on festivals and birthday occasions. It can bring a lot of fun.


Compatible with most phones, phone cases, and even electronic devices with a textured back to protect your phone from rain and sun exposure.

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Customers Reviews

The lovely mobile phone umbrella was received quickly and in very good condition. I installed it on my bike to ride without worrying about my mobile phone getting too hot from the sun. Perfect!
Deborah Noyes
This product played a great role in my husband and I's vacation. With it, I can lie on the beach chair and watch my phone comfortably. It has a sunshade function. It looks very mini and attracts many people. The eyes of passers-by are amazing!
Lillian Holt
I bought this for my wife so that he can look at his phone in the sun, which is very practical for people who look at their phone in the sun. The bottom of the phone umbrella has a very strong suction, and it sucks on the back of the phone. It can be used as a phone stand, and this umbrella looks more like a mini umbrella, very cute.
Osborn Obadiah
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